When we first moved to SE Asia, I didn’t know much about Cambodia and had no real inkling to go check it out. I just figured it would be hard with the baby and that there wasn’t any bang for the buck. Boy, was I wrong. Our trip to Cambodia was probably the best trip we have taken thus far. It was full of adventure with things we never thought we would see in our lifetime. The splendors of Angkor National Park are truly incredible. I can’t recommend it enough.

Cam was happy to be at Angkor Wat.
Smiles from Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat Inner Grass

Angkor Wat Steps

Indiana Jones…err, I mean my son.
Indiana Cam

Temple Carvings
Dancing Ladies

The amount of detail that is on all the walls, doors, etc was unbelievable. Many of these were from 900 AD….old!

Getting our bearings
Checking the Map

Angkor Wat Cambodia

We then went to Angkor Thom and the Bayon Temple. The faces are watching you!




Faces of Bayon


Mount Fuji and Hakone

We ended up doing a tour that took us from Tokyo, up to the 5th station at Mount Fuji, down the other side of the mountain to Hakone, up the cable car to the peak, and down into a lake cruise around the area. Was a full day with lots to see. It is pretty incredible that this is about 1 hour out of central Tokyo. That is one of my favorite things about Tokyo as well as Hong Kong. You can be in the middle of the some of the most dense cities in the world, yet a short drive out to the wilderness and mountains. Incredible!








Around Tokyo Town

Senso-ji Temple and Hozo-mon Gate

We missed the peak of cherry blossom season in Tokyo by a few weeks but many of the flowering bushes were in bloom, giving color all around the city. We visited the Sensoji temple, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern Tokyo. It is said to be the most sacred and spectacular temple in Tokyo. The temple survived the 1923 earthquake in Tokyo, but not the bombings of World War II. The main buildings have been rebuilt since.







Shuffling Off to Tokyo

Before I spent a major chunk of time in Tokyo, I felt like Hong Kong was the “NYC of Asia”. It had the iconic skyline and constant hustle that New York holds. After a week in Tokyo, it certainly gets the prize. It was an amazing experience that saw us go from the packed streets of Harajaku to the 5th station at Mt. Fuji.

Our hotel is the one in the middle. The lobby was on the 57th floor. Awesome.

Cam walking around town.
Cam walking around town

You have no idea how many people ask to pose for pictures with this kid. Ridiculous.
Everybody loves this kid

The view of the city from our hotel room.

Cam taking in the hustle and bustle of the Tokyo under the lights.

The 100+ variations of chocolate at a chocolate bar near Tokyo Skytree.

Cam and the skytree.

Our next post will be of our Mt. Fuji and Hakone trip.

Tulip Mania!

The Gardens by the Bay was having a Tulip Mania event in the flower dome. We took a walk up to enjoy the amazing flowers in bloom.





Many other plants were also in bloom. It is such an enjoyable place to walk around and take in nature.



Marina Barrage and the Singapore Skyline

As I mull through the 1,300+ photos from Tokyo, here was an easy edit and post from the Marina Barrage in Singapore. We took the short walk from our house to enjoy the sunshine during the day and decided to go back for the sunset and the super trees lighting up.

Needless to say, Cam was thrilled to be there.
Cam Cheesin' It

To get to the barrage, we walk past the flower dome and cloud forest dome from Gardens by the Bay.
Flower Dome Singapore

A look down to the fountain and the skyline.
Marina Barrage Singapore

A view from the other side with the river.
Marina Barrage

Marina Bay Sands and the super trees!
Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Sunset

The city under the lights.
Singapore Sunset

Marina Bay Sands and Super Trees

Marina Bay Sands At Night

My favorite shot of the night…the skyline with MBS and the Flyer with river reflections. Perfect night! You can even see some stars in the sky.
Marina Bay Sands from Barrage