Big Boy is Getting Adjusted

Cam has adjusted well to the 12 hour time difference. We took a seat at the Gardens by the Bay and he was investigating everything. The first few days were rough getting him on schedule. He would wake up in the middle of the night, just crying. But after about 3 days or so, he started to sleep through. He is now pretty much on his old schedule, sleeping 10-12 hrs a night.

Gardens by the Bay


Watches are his newest form of entertainment. He will sit there and study and study and study. Do they make watches for 7 month olds? Haha…

Watch Inspector


During a little walk into the Shops at Marina Bay, we stopped to give him some food. This is his “ready for a nap” look.

Sleepy Eyes


During one of our first days in the apartment, he was comfy in his stroller and wanted to get his lean on. Air out that foot big boy.




Lots of photos to get through so I will do my best to post daily!  Cheers from Singapore!


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