Weekend in the City

We had a very nice weekend, exploring our new city. We got Lucy her train card and Cam got to ride the subway, a huge hit for him. We went to Orchard Road which is the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore. There are at least three malls within walking distance, down this 1.5 mile stretch. Orchard Road got it’s name from the nutmeg, pepper, and fruit orchards that the road led to in the mid-1800’s.

Orchard Road People Watching

Cam and I hung out while Mommy looked for some new dresses.

Stretch It Out

The basements of one of the malls had this ridiculous toy sale going on apparently. It looked like utter mayhem.


Big boy wanted to get on this elephant rocker in one of the stores. Fairly certain they were going to make us buy it for letting him sit on it. We bolted! Haha!

Giddy Up!

Everybody escalating!



One thought on “Weekend in the City

  1. Loved the toy sale……………special buy special buy…………ect ect.
    Lovely family on tour of new city, and what a great photo essay. xoxo

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