Nine Months

Wow! Can you believe that Cam is now 9 months old? Time flies.

To celebrate, I went to work (boo)…but Lucy took him to the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Remember what MBS looks like?


What a view! You can see much of the city and surrounding area from up top.

The financial center buildings. Our apartment building is on the far left. That’s where we get to hang…32 floors up. You can see our pool on the 7th floor.

Financial Center

Pivoting across, you see the science and art museum (the flower looking building) and the grand stands used for firework shows, concerts, and the recent F1 race.

Marina Bay

Pivot again and you get to see the Singapore Flyer (ferris wheel) and the highway that takes you to the airport on the Eastern side of the island.


You can still see the F1 track around the Flyer.

Singapore Flyer

Next you see a golf course. Golf is rather expensive in Singapore and most people will take the short drive to Malaysia to hit the links and save two thirds of the cost.


Another turn and you see the inlet to the marina as well as the newly opened Gardens by the Bay. You can walk across those metal tree structures on suspension bridges to take in the sites from an elevated position. It has some great gardens and the greenhouse and cloud forest (the two buildings) are excellent.

Garden by the Bay

Last but not least, Cam enjoying the view with some refreshing sippy cup action!

Cam Enjoying the View


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