We Finally Meet…Mr. Claus

It was a beautiful day in Singapore and we decided that we should take advantage and walk over to Marina Bay Sands to get Cam’s picture taken with Santa. You see, Cam was due on December 19 of last year but decided to hold tight until after Christmas, making this year his first run in with Santa. All of those cute “My First Christmas” onesies are a tad tight on him now.

We marched him over in his Christmas jammies and hat, only to come eye to eye with the man, the myth, the legend himself, Mr. Claus. At first, Cam was a bit curious, checking him out, sitting in that enormous throne. Cam was still in his mother’s arms…safe. Until, the transfer happened. We sat him on Santa’s leg and he looked a bit perplexed….staring at that white beard and the red suit.

Then, all hell broke loose.

It is a hilarious picture that I love and we will all laugh about it some day. Cam is done with Santa…until next year.

Cam doesn't trust the beard

PS…we did get this snap off prior to the meltdown. But the first one is just too good to go second. Merry Christmas!!!

Cam's First Santa Experience


One thought on “We Finally Meet…Mr. Claus

  1. Oh me On my………..poor little guy !! Can u blame him ? Good effort though – and great pix. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy Christmas. xxx

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