To Wish Upon a Sphere…Singapore Style

One day, I was looking out the window of my apartment and I saw what looked to be floating ping pong balls in the Marina. From 32 floors up, they seemed rather small. Upon investigation, these were actually “wishing spheres” which has become a new tradition in Singapore at the New Year. You can go to the many stations around the city and actually draw on one of the wishing spheres and it will be installed in the marina prior to the New Year celebration.

Marina Bay Spheres

A great writeup on how they are actually installed can be found here.

Lucy, Cam, and I went over to fill a sphere out and here is what we came up with (most of the imaginative creation was Lucy)…

Wishing Sphere 1

Wishing Sphere 2

Wishing Sphere 3

Wishing Sphere 4

Wishing Sphere 5

Wishing Sphere 6

Finally, Lucy holding our sphere. You get a sense of how big these things actually are!

Lucy Holding Our Sphere

One final view of some of the 20,000 spheres in the marina under the lights at night. Impressive!

Wishing Spheres Marina Bay Singapore

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