A Trek to the Singapore Zoo

It has been 5 months since landing in Singapore and we couldn’t believe that we haven’t gotten to the zoo yet. So yesterday, we got into a taxi and headed to the zoo to see what it had to offer. We had read some incredible reviews and I must say, we weren’t let down. The zoo was incredibly easy to navigate, especially with a stroller/baby combo. Everything was accessible and well signed. The thing that I liked the most is that it was quite rare to see any animals in a cage or cramped quarters. There were expansive exhibits that seemed very well designed for the animals.

I will lead with my favorite of the day. Absolutely beautiful.
The White Tiger

We actually got a yawn as well. I would not want to cross this guy in the middle of some jungle.
White Tiger Yawn

White Tiger Growl

Momma and baby hippo.
Momma and Baby Hippo

Arkansas who? Singaporean Razorback.
Singapore Razorback

We caught this little guy bumming a ride on momma.
Take a Ride

They got settled and he started to chow down on some bamboo.
Baby Chimp

King and Queen of the jungle.
King of the Jungle


The wise elephant.
The Wise Elephant


For some color.
Beautiful Birds


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