Another Trip to Phuket!

My mom flew into Singapore and we thought it would be a great surprise to take her to Thailand for a few days. We stayed at the JW Marriott, just north of the airport and it was incredible. You don’t have the hustle and bustle that the south of Phuket is known for it is very peaceful, clean, and quiet.

The room they upgraded us to was insane. Suite with a full backyard, pool, and covered bed area.
Our Yard

The pool had this “couch” built into the one end, so you could chill with your drink on the side and just soak up the sun. Cam and Lucy were loving it!
Enjoying Pool Time

This kid loves the water. We are going to have to have a pool close by when we move back the States…maybe in our backyard?
Pool Time

Pool Smooches

Nana got some snuggles with Cam after his swimming adventure. These hooded towel sweatshirts are the bomb!
Nana Snuggles

The beach was very peaceful, listening to the crash of the waves, hardly anyone in sight.

Also caught a nice sunset that night.
Sunset Path

Sunset Tree

Sunset Dune

Lots more from our boating adventure in Phuket next post!


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