Shuffling Off to Tokyo

Before I spent a major chunk of time in Tokyo, I felt like Hong Kong was the “NYC of Asia”. It had the iconic skyline and constant hustle that New York holds. After a week in Tokyo, it certainly gets the prize. It was an amazing experience that saw us go from the packed streets of Harajaku to the 5th station at Mt. Fuji.

Our hotel is the one in the middle. The lobby was on the 57th floor. Awesome.

Cam walking around town.
Cam walking around town

You have no idea how many people ask to pose for pictures with this kid. Ridiculous.
Everybody loves this kid

The view of the city from our hotel room.

Cam taking in the hustle and bustle of the Tokyo under the lights.

The 100+ variations of chocolate at a chocolate bar near Tokyo Skytree.

Cam and the skytree.

Our next post will be of our Mt. Fuji and Hakone trip.


One thought on “Shuffling Off to Tokyo

  1. The Tokyo trip looks wonderful, and Cam is such a sweet boy. Looks so healthy and well cared for, as a much loved baby. The photos are great. Love from the seniors. xxx

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