Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

With my mom in town, we decided to show her the islands surrounding Phuket and the greater area. We went cruising through Phang Nga Bay in the Andaman Sea. There are so many incredible things to see and we had a great boat crew to take us along.

We will start out with Cameron catching breakfast on the boat. He may have to get a haircut before the year is out.
Cam Breakfast

Incredible cliffs jut out from the ocean all over.
Phang Nga Bay

Thailand cliffs


Boats and Cliffs

This is James Bond Island. This location was used in the 1974 James Bond Movie, The Man with the Golden Gun, as the hideout for Bond’s antagonist, Francisco Scaramanga.
James Bond Island

Family and James Bond

This entire town is literally floating in the water, buoyed by tourists coming in boats. It even has a school for the residents. Crazy.
Floating Village

We anchored on this private island beach where they setup a great lunch for us. Lucy was just taking it all in.
Private Beach

View from the private lunch

We took a dip to cool off after we ate.
Taking a dip

Lucy and my mom took a jaunt through some caves on a kayak. Priceless.
Lucy in a kayak

Kayak Arrives

The last stop of the day, to grab some rum and a swim.
Taking a dip

Cruising back to Phuket, big boy was tuckered out.
Breeze in your hair

Boat Nap 2

The best cup holder money can buy. Thanks for making the trip Mom!
Drink up!


Another Trip to Phuket!

My mom flew into Singapore and we thought it would be a great surprise to take her to Thailand for a few days. We stayed at the JW Marriott, just north of the airport and it was incredible. You don’t have the hustle and bustle that the south of Phuket is known for it is very peaceful, clean, and quiet.

The room they upgraded us to was insane. Suite with a full backyard, pool, and covered bed area.
Our Yard

The pool had this “couch” built into the one end, so you could chill with your drink on the side and just soak up the sun. Cam and Lucy were loving it!
Enjoying Pool Time

This kid loves the water. We are going to have to have a pool close by when we move back the States…maybe in our backyard?
Pool Time

Pool Smooches

Nana got some snuggles with Cam after his swimming adventure. These hooded towel sweatshirts are the bomb!
Nana Snuggles

The beach was very peaceful, listening to the crash of the waves, hardly anyone in sight.

Also caught a nice sunset that night.
Sunset Path

Sunset Tree

Sunset Dune

Lots more from our boating adventure in Phuket next post!

Hong Kong Disneyland

We had to go and visit Mickey while in HK and this Disneyland is small enough to easily do it in a day. Cam was obviously too young to ride many of the rides (besides “It’s a Small World”) but he loved seeing the characters and the parade. The weather in December was pretty chilly most of the time, but on this day, the sun came out and it warmed up rather nicely.

Hello from Disneyland!

Greetings from Disneyland Hong Kong

Fountain Entrance

Cam was catching a break for a little bit after lunch, just relaxing in his hoodie.
Cam Eyes

Mickey and the Castle

Disneyland Hong Kong Parade

Mickey Parade

Big boy rocking his Mickey hat around HK.
Mickey Hat

Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery

I have been behind…so far, in fact, that I totally forgot I had more photos to process from our trip to Hong Kong (from December!). Sheesh.

We took the train and then the cable car to the Po Lin Monastery and Big Buddha (Tian Tan) statue. It is the largest outdoor bronze seated Buddha, on top of the mountains just outside of Hong Kong.

It started out as a very cloudy day but when we arrived at the top of the mountain, the clouds gave way to a beautiful blue sky.

Seated Buddha Po Lin Monastery

Archway Po Lin

Hong Kong Mountains

We took the 240 steps up to the statue and took it all in.
Staircase Up

Seated Buddha


The moon popped out in the blue sky overlooking Buddha.
Moon Over Buddha

View from Buddha

This was our favorite part of the HK vacation. With a short train ride, you are out of the craziness of the city and into mountains and wilderness.

Seated Buddha Hong Kong

More from Bali, Indonesia

The rice paddys in Bali are absolutely spectacular. It makes the scenery so green and lush, as palm trees dot the blue sky horizon.
Balinese Field

Sunset over the rice paddy.
Sunset Rice Paddy

This was the backyard of the villa we stayed in. Incredible pool with incredible views.
Lucy Villa Yard

Rice Paddy, Ubud

We got the chance to visit the Monkey Forest in Ubud, where literally, hundreds of monkeys parade around and pose for a banana and other local fruit. We didn’t partake in the food offering but the views around the forest were incredible.
Monkey Pose

Monkey Forest Ubud

Cam always enjoys a little backpack carrier session. And he was straight giggling at the monkeys left and right. Hilarious.
In Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest Statue

The next day we caught a trip into Ubud to peruse the markets and check out some temples. As always, Cam was having a blast.
Family Market

Temple entrance.

Family photo in front of the Ubud Palace!
Ubud Palace

The backyard to our villa was absolutely incredible. So many beautiful flowers, trees, and plants.

Jump in!
Private Pool

Until next time Bali!
Ubud Sunset

Bali Bali Bali!!

Whew! It has been a while. Travel for work and play, family visits, and life has gotten the best of my posting timeliness! Well fear not, we are back!

I am going to do things a little out of order so please forgive me. We recently got to Bali and I edited some photos so I wanted to get them up for everyone. This will be the first part of the trip. Round 2 to follow shortly.

It was Lucy’s and Cam’s first time in Indonesia, so they were excited for a new stamp in their passport…always calls for a celebration!

We stayed at an incredible resort, Chapung Sebali, in Ubud. We chose Ubud to be closer to the temples and historic areas. If you want a beach, head to Thailand. There are only 8 villas in the entire place. Incredible service, incredible privacy, amazing atmosphere!

The walkway to the villas at the resort.
Chapung Sebali

Resort Entrance

Chapung Sebali Resort

The first night, we went to this local spot in Ubud for some crispy duck! The flight and overall daily activities tuckered Cam out. He caught a few Zs on the cushioned area around our table.
Big Boy Sleeping

The “hallway” outside our villa.
Villa Walkway

We then headed out to the elephant safari in Ubud the next day and Lucy made a friend.
Lucy and the Elephant

Cam got to ride an elephant for a 30 minute jaunt through the jungle. Amazing! These are our friends who made the trip with us in the elephant in front of ours.
Elephant Ride

The Mumm family and their elephant buddy.
Family Photo

On the way back from the safari, the entire area is dotted with rice paddys all through Ubud. It makes for some spectacular pictures. It is one of the earliest engineering feats of agriculture.
Rice Paddy in Ubud

Lucy taking in the sunset across the rice paddy adjacent to the resort.
Lucy Sunset

One final shot for today…Cam doing his classic lens grab while wandering through the town of Ubud. More to come!
Lens Grabber

Fun Saturday

Lucy wanted to stop into our parking deck prior to going to our apartment. Apparently, there are many very rich people that live in our building.

First, she went to the nice orange Lamborghini that welcomed us out of the door.
Orange Lambo

Next, she was faced with the toughest decision of the day…yellow or white?

Someday, maybe one of these babies will be ours. Until then, we can keep dreaming!